Monday, January 10, 2011

The Return of Stella and Guido

Stella and Guido, our beloved mother and son donkey pair, have just returned from vacation. They summered in the Ozarks, on the pasture of a family friend.

Stella came to us when she was three years old. We were looking for a donkey and because of sudden medical issues, our friend Diane was having trouble keeping up with hers. Stella was offered to us as a livestock guardian with the caveat that she was pregnant. The followind summer, Stella gave birth to Guido, a fine little standard size jack who was the first baby born on the Rook Farm. The pair are wonderful, if a little stubborn. Stella is four this year, and can start working and being ridden. Donkeys aren't "broken" to ride like horses, as they will readily accept a rider. Inspiring them to move and accept direction while on their backs is a bit more of a challenge. All in all, I'm glad we got our long ears back and even more glad that we've begun implementing managed intensive grazing to make another summer vacation unnecessary.

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Lisa said...

I am glad you got your donkeys back safely. Sorry poor Guido looked so scruffy. He responed well to tromping through weeds and trees and took more than his share of trips stomping in the creek. You all will be brushing out that mess till summer. Sorry if Stella might have came back carring a visiter. LOL. Just remember, it's yours. We have ENOUGH Good luck with your grazing rotation, I am anxious to hear how well it works.